Welcome to programming

30 April 2014

To my fellow programmers or those that wonder how our minds work. This article is brilliant.  Kenny

We’re going mobile

25 March 2014

Our first promo app, called MagikAteBall.  AppMainScreenThe app is mostly to promote  our mobile application development service. Source to Nuts is going mobile.

It’s a really clean and simple app that shows a few features of mobile platforms shake gesture, location, search, phone dial, directions, paid click ads, and more.  Get in touch if you have an app to develop!

Download it here.

Manufacturing Boom Next

21 December 2013

Manufacturing Boom Next

The energy boom is here, now it’s time for entrepreneurs and bankers to invest in business that can utilize this business advantage. Low cost natural gas can power our roads and more. Can our business leaders see the vision? Can the politicians break down barriers to success and fuel the required infrastructure changes? Is this regional prosperity coming for all? 


23 September 2013

I’ve been neglect at writing here. I’ve been busy with personal and family issues and moving coasts as part of that.

Here’s a really good article about crazy complication or kludge for our systems.

Perhaps the root cause of cost escalation in the US?

I haven’t been writing enough lately. I’ve been too busy planning and executing my move back west. This post makes me sad and angry and wishing I was saying more. Today, I’m only an echo.

Damn the 4th amendment any how.


Need a baby name?

7 June 2013

Was just reading Seth this morning on the long tail of baby names and I had to look up my daughters Xenja and Kaia.  The Feds actually track this if you need name. It’s a bigger download than I thought it would be with every name >5 occurrences in a year since somewhere in the 1800s.

Xenja is graduating high school, but didn’t make the cut in any year, though there are some more normal spellings of Xenia and Xenya. Kaia is much more popular and more so than I actually thought. Sure shows how big the long tail is.



equal not marriage

27 March 2013

Justice Scalia asks if the issue(s) before the court is about changing the definition of marriage. I think he has the right thought, but about the wrong word.

For me, the real question is are we going to change the definition of equal. I’m pretty sure that there isn’t anything about marriage in the Constitution, though equality is central. How many kinds of equal do we want to have? Is marriage a special right applied to only some couples?

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