You’re reached Source to Nuts. We are an engineering services and product development company oriented towards software systems. Some of the projects we’ve been involved with include:

  • Taxi-top interactive advertising system with 50 inch screens on each side changing ads based on time and location.
  • Web API backends and services.
  • Web services and e-commerce utilities for a EBay reseller
  • WPF touch screen point-of-sale system.
  • WPF touch screen and machine control system for a medical equipment company.
  • Software, web services and electronics for a regenerative electric drive transport system.
  • Application, hardware, software and test systems for measurement and data logging,  semiconductor equipment,  solar power companies, LED lighting and more.
  • E-book processing and generation utilities.
  • Wireless communication, mobile and vehicle-based hardware nad software systems.
  • Our first Android mobile application posted in the Google Play store. NO LONGER LIVE.

Development products from leadership, consultation, hardware, embedded software, services, APIs, and including web and mobile applications. Source to Nuts services and product development.

Follow our blog and give us a call @ +1.401.484.7466

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