Hello world!

8 December 2008

My name is Kenny and I have a writing problem.

I have never blogged or published my writing anywhere public before, but I have always had the desire too.
Hopefully, I will put in the time and effort to make sourcetonuts.com interesting for me and for eventually for others.
Currently, I’m hosting the my blog on wordpress.com, but I’m pointing one of my domains sourcetonuts.com to it as well. Source to Nuts is a pun on soup to nuts. The ‘double-entendre’ extends even further as source relates to one of my passions, code and programming. Source also is a news-gathering and thus a good blog term. And clearly by thinking of all of this, I must be nuts and as you’ll soon find out my politics and thoughts are too. So here I go.

Wish me luck!!


Kenny with or at sourcetonuts.com

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