The phone I want…

9 December 2008

I’m looking for a new phone, again. Actually, I’ve been looking for a long time because I haven’t been happy with my choices from Verizon. It’s been 2 years since my last contract was signed, so I’m now free from their network shackles.

Many, many years ago, I had a Verizon Kyocera Palm phone that I liked, but all of the new ‘smartphones’ have keypads that are for midgets. I have pretty big hands, so for me, all of them have been unacceptable or not a phone.

  • I have to be able to open the phone and dial a phone number with only one hand without mistakes. In my opinion, that is job one for a phone.
  • The second thing I need is to be able to have as real buttons as possible. You know what I mean, buttons that you can feel and actually press down.
  • Thirdly, I want it have good connection/reception, long battery and/or yup just a phone.

Lately, the phones I’ve been buying have barely or not lasted the length of my 2 year contract (what’s with that?). All of these phones have been just phones and light thumbing or what others call texting. I do miss reading my emails especially to remove/ignore the junk before actually sending and responding to it at my laptop or desktop.

Since we’re pretty far into the future, I could see value in a new phone with:

  • integrated GPS and mapping.
  • going to the web would be useful and I’ve been somewhat jealous of ATT users and their iphones.

I went to Verizon and tried out the new Blackberry Storm and right away, it seemed awkward and slow. Much more so than my limited use of an iphone. If it seems slow on day 0, it is really going to be frustrating. Mostly, I’ve been happy with Verizon since I usually get reception in situations where I see other phone networks fail.

Perhaps the new phone will be Android. Maybe I’ll switch networks to ATT and get an IPhone.

But what I really want is something like an EeePC laptop that when open, it’s a tablet/notebook on a 3G internet connection and when closed, it becomes a 3G phone. It would have Bluetooth to hookup to a headset for making and receiving calls.



2 Responses to “The phone I want…”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Gawd you guys are slow to catch up over there!

    Hey – I have an HTC Touch and a Sony Ericsson. For all the wonders of Windows Mobile, I’ll take the SE (W910) over it any day. With Google maps, you can get CLOSE to “your location” and it is accurate ENOUGH for most application. Doesn’t do verbal directions, but good enough to give to the kids to sing out where to go.

    I find the browser an a 2″ screen is BETTER in Symbian than in WMobile. for SOME reason most sites recognise the smaller real estate better. With the HTC, most sites see it as a normal browser and you don’t get a good reproduction.

    Anyway – I’d definitely steer clear of WMobile but can’t give you any feedback on Blackberry.

    PS – Do you have 3G over there yet? I get 7.2MB/s data rates over the phone!! If you want speed, you gotta move over to Aus!

  2. sourcetonuts Says:

    G’day Steve,

    Long time no see. Yes, I think we have 3G at least the commercials say so. My problem is Verizon, my phone choices through them and my big fat fingers.

    Thanks for visiting!!
    Cheers Mate.

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