OSX in the Moonlight

17 December 2008


I’m pretty jazzed. I got up this morning and I decided to get up on running on OSX and developing with Silverlight, errr Moonlight?, and Mono. I’ve met my goals, so I’m off to get a coffee after putting this out.

This article made doing it very easy. But I’ve now modified and written simple .NET programs under Mono and MonoDevelop. MonoDevelop needs some work but the simple stuff I’ve done so far work. I’ve also modified some Moonlight programs and download and run some Silverlight stuff (duh!). Pretty cool all in all.

I’m now going to move on to installing the Expression software that I won at the MSDN Roadshow Monday in Waltham and says it runs on OSX. That should allow me to me to get more fancy with the lack of XAML tools in MonoDevelop or on OSX in general. In fact, with Expression & TextMate that I’ve been playing with too, this may be a great development platform for me.

Anyone know any TextMate plugins for XAML, Sliverlight, C#, etc…?



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