Kicking and screaming at the keyboard.

6 January 2009

I’m a keyboard guy. So, why did I get a Mac? Dunno, sometimes.

I’m still having trouble with memorizing all of the shortcuts for OSX and I especially miss the right-click context menus (including its keyboard shortcut on windows) which don’t seem as popular on OSX. The only place where I like to use a mouse, or combo mouse-keyboard really, is browsing the web browsing in Firefox.

On Windows, I was pretty successful using the keyboard almost exclusively and Launchy made it even easier, love Launchy. I think I read somewhere once, that Launchy was inspired by Quicksilver on the Mac, but QS never quite worked with my mind. Yes, it could be my defective version, or my lazy learning ways, or … who cares really, right?

Today, I download Google Desktop for the Mac and it is already working better for me. Hit the apple-key twice and mmmmmm love it! Hopefully, GD learns from my choices like Launchy does.

I even hate that silly Apple keyboard that came with the Mac. I’ve replaced that with a DAS Keyboard, which while loud is really nice to type on. The only thing, I miss from the actual Apple keyboard is the special buttons. Does any know how to map keyboard key combinations on OSX to things like: vol+, vol-, mute, etc…?

Should I start about the Apple mouse and mousing-strategy or is that a religious war? Do we really need another now?


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