Kenny’s Laws of Vision

31 January 2009

Years ago, 2 and 1/2 and since 1990, I developed many machine/computer vision applications for a number of clients and at some companies. Most of that work was for clients through my consulting company Imachines. This last week, as I noted before, I’ve rejoined with my past and I’ll be developing machine vision solutions again with

During my career with vision, I developed what I affectionately called Kenny’s Laws of Vision. I have three that I remember:

  1. Kenny’s Law of Light
  2. Kenny’s Rule of Fist
  3. Kenny’s Eye Rule

I’ll describe my Laws of Vision (LOV, yes it’s sweet)  in more detail in future posts. Two have relevance to my current task and I’ll describe why I need to be careful at Careful Products. Sorry ;>)

Our goal at is a computer monitoring and social networking for seniors with a really easy to use gestured based touch screen system. It will provide tools for family and friends to keep in touch, communicate easily, schedule setting/monitoring and to monitor their meds compliance. Or as Amy at my Starbucks came up with when I described it, NanaNet.

We don’t want to have the computer decide about medication compliance, but we want to be able to communicate, (e.g. email, PicMsg, Facebook wall post, etc..) with concerned or interested parties images where they can determine whether or not the medication has been removed as well as their patterns of communication, etc…

More soon…



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