Gotta revolution!?!

10 March 2009

No wonder people are moving towards Socialism and a federal takeover of …. everything. That is the feeling I got after reading Marc Cuban’s most recent blog about a Fidelity ad. I have money at Fidelity in some college saving 509s for my girls. What the hell….maybe a mattress isn’t so bad (note to self: stop sleeping on the couch!).

Why is it that what got us in to this crisis, people/banks/institutions spending and borrowing beyond their means, is what the government does to try to get us out of this? Absolutely NUTS, let them all fail. Winners and losers baby…. Now, with the fear in everyone’s eyes, the shorters have us by the shorties. Only the strong survive and those are our future Kennedy’s.

We now, via Congress and the last bunch of Presidents, have accumulated a debt for us that is truly staggering, almost $40K for every man, woman and child. And you thought is was expensive having kids, imagine being one.

It’s time for We the People go chapter 11 and take back our land!!! Hell, the last three bailouts didn’t work……anyone have any good ideas? Ummm, how about a fourth? Great plan, start the presses. Who are they kidding? All of us, time for a revolution…



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