Jim Cramer on Jon Stewart…or…

14 March 2009

This Daily Show video is really good stuff, I’m sure most everybody has seen it.

Who’s the real reporter? Who’s the joker? Tough call.

I like watching both shows and I find both of them to be funny, entertaining and well informed. But, wow did Jon Stewart kick butt as a reporter! The people to be shamed shouldn’t include Jim Cramer, but should include *all* of the press. Who’s left to defend Us, if not the press?

The press is the 4th branch of government with special rights not grated to the rest of society. Those rights come with a responsibility and IMO they have fallen down….on their face. Step up and do your job.



3 Responses to “Jim Cramer on Jon Stewart…or…”

  1. unspy Says:

    Jon Stewart handed Cramer his arse!

    Watch the Unedited Interview

  2. Stocky Says:

    Latest spew by Cramer is roughly “Obama is the greatest thing since Hot Dogs… really.. he is…and smart too…smartest President ever…!” or something like that. When you hear it yourself you won’t criticize my slightly twisted quote. Rush said 10 minutes ago that Cramer just did a 180. But
    I’d bet dog and reproductive ability that Cramer has been asked (bought) by the Bama administration, for no less then 10 Mil… (one penny actually compared to the billions and trillians being thrown about lately), or Cramer has had members of his family threatened. I’m putting Cramer on Howie Carr’s death pool list tomorrow.
    This Bama guy is friggin totally inept. And on to Lano tonight… that’s presidential alright… Hope the teleprompter shuts down on him. Talk about the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.

  3. sourcetonuts Says:

    Hey Stocky, I’m not sure if you watch Cramer often but he is easy to take it out of context of his ‘long view’. What he was talking specifically as I watched it, is about BO finally doing something he’s asking for or lowering mortgage rates to 4%. If you watch his show often, you’ll realize that he was a little tongue and cheek about his ‘love’ for BO. Kenny

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