AIG Bonuses

16 March 2009

I must be a simpleton, because I just don’t get it.

These guys at AIG run the company, country and world into the ground and they think that they should still get their 2008 bonuses? What? Oh, did I mention their stock was driven in the ground too? Here is their chart from 2001, they’ve went from $100 to $0.60. From $60 to 0.60 since the start of 2008.

I’ve never worked anywhere, where my bonus wasn’t based on the profit that my group, division and/or company earned. AIG earnings = minus lots-o-buck$

What is even more disturbing is the response from Obama’s administration. Well it’s a contact, we can’t do anything. Excuse me?

Last time I heard, We the People are the AIG majority owners, 80% I believe, of preferred shares. Sounds like time for a board takeover and to start firing some butts. I’m sure Icahn wouldn’t stand for this if he even had only a 15% share. Give me a break.

Gotta revolution.



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