Blind leading the ?

21 March 2009

Here is great read from Paul Krugman. While I often don’t agree with Paul, he’s smart and he’s right here.

I think the folks in charge in DC just don’t get it. Our Rome is collapsing and these guys just want to polish the chrome (not the browser! nice but I still use FF). BO is starting to look like George Bush trying to build Great Society The Sequel, but lands in Second Life and thinks it’s real. Hello, McBoma! Enough of ‘them’.

We need to start doing, building, making and integrating things and ideas. We are not doing enough creation anymore. We have to get off of our high horses, put the nose to the grind stone (ouch! hmmmm…where does that expression come from?) and start to compete as a low cost provider in this flat new world. I’m sure everyone saw the following video on gootube, but it sums it up better than I do and remember….Enjoy Kenny


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