Small is bountiful

24 March 2009

This is a great article and it brought up some old thoughts of mine.

“The U.S. government bought an 80% ownership stake in AIG last fall – over the 12 previous months, millions of sensible people all over the world sold their shares of AIG. There is a good reason for this; AIG bet the ranch insuring sub-prime mortgages against foreclosure and lost.”

Option 2 was? Insuring every municipality that requires A* bonds. Ugly, socialist but probably cheaper and we are basically doing it any-who. We need to have some regulation….oops did I say that? Damn! OK, I’m out of the closet. My name is Kenny and I’m small-l libertarian AND I like small. It was a small-r!!

These big companies are basically government. Especially considering that we have to pay for and prop up their failing bets. I propose that some/all government benefits be need-based.

  • Job 1 is the patent system. No company or person over a certain size should be allowed to hold/enforce a patent.
  • Job 2 is corporate taxes. We should allow any company to get any size they want, but they should be charged a higher fee. Did I say tax? I say this because it seems we have to provide bankrupt insurance for them. I would call this program Executive Arrogance Comp (EAC) modeled after Workman’s Comp insurance.
  • Job 3 applies to every program. You don’t create a program without an expiration date. What this means is, every program ends and becomes unfunded on its expiration date unless Congress and the President vote to restart it for a period of time and with a budget, dare I say balanced? I mean EVERY program including the Executive and Congress branches. Nothing is a sacred cow (what the hell’s a sacred cow? yup, that’s what I would have guessed). OK, maybe we’ll let the Judaical branch be sacred, since someone needs to be left standing to break ties with an odd number of odd ducks.
  • Job 4 is my day job and I don’t have the time today to keep fixing government…. Hey BO, is my bailout coming? I just need $0.00001 billion, a pittance it would seem, no?


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