Brave New Ecology

17 May 2009

I just watched Bill Moyer’s show on PBS with author Daniel Goleman about his new book ECOLOGICAL INTELLIGENCE. Daniel makes made some really great points on making our environmental footprints smaller and way more local. This means you.

As well as his book, Daniel championed a site to evaluate the basis of the products we buy that allows us to investigate products as complex assemblies of so many components each with their own complex environmental makeup. His advise is simple, become aware of our choices and simply make better ones and tell people about your choices.

Wow! The power of the people by being responsible for their own actions. We need a lot more of that, everywhere!

Bill responded at one point he never understood usefulness of Twitter, but perhaps spreading your own messages of your own personal choices or steps is what Twitter could be. I’m not sure of Twitter myself, but I’m way more interested in its power in that kind of direction than when someone has changed their shorts.

Stay connected to your choices and tell us about them. I’ll try to as well.

My first step is to only drive used cars and not a Prius ego-car. I love beaters.



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