Setting Up GIT or is that git on OSX

31 May 2010

I setup git on my Mac today. This article was really helpful.

Freetards unite!

I wonder why someone hasn’t make this process much easier since it took a long time, mostly just running the scripts and walking away, but…. someone probably has and I just didn’t find it. 😦 Part of the process involves installs Macports which is a standard OSX installer, why not the whole git ball of yarn? Oops, nice software. Not to mention that, but you have to have the Apple development environment, which I guess, is probably, but not really required for Apple development, since I use Mono.

I don’t even use git for my projects, where I’ve selected mercurial with fogbugz as my free-as-beer off-site repository. Fogbugz is only free for two or fewer users. I needex git to obtain to some open source packages to try out or use. Right now, I’ve forgotten what that was, heh! For how long it took to setup, I’m not sure it was worth it. I definitely think twice and likely skip git on my next box, but that will likely depend on how often I actually need it in the end.

At least I’m all setup to work with git-based clients now!



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