Tech Without Borders

22 December 2010

On request of Dave Winer, I am pretty much copying his text from here.


  1. We are people of tech.
  2. We value the freedom of speech.
  3. We live, work and travel everywhere.
  4. We value our own freedom, the freedom of people in general.
  5. We think there is no meaningful distinction between WikiLeaks and the news organizations covering the stories in cooperation with WikiLeaks.
  6. We urge all governments to respect freedom of the press, whether the news originates online or offline. 
  7. We apply these principles everyday and they are embodied in our technology.



One Response to “Tech Without Borders”

  1. Only three things to say about this one: Yes, yes, and YES!

    Wikileaks is now doing the job that the media were supposed to do, used to do, ought to do, and would be doing if they hadn’t been deregulated. Instead, they are now owned and operated by large public multinational companies. The American media once held good investigative journalism as its highest goal. Now, thanks to deregulation, their highest goal — indeed their ONLY goal — is *return on shareholder value.* That means entertainment, pandering, manipulation — whatever yields shareholder value — while keeping the veneer that they are legitimate news organizations. Dan Carlin ( is a brilliant former journalist with a fabulous, funny, and fiercely independent political podcast called Common Sense. He’s spoken on the show extensively about wikileaks and the decay of journalism in America. This Tech Without Borders statement is very much in line with Carlin’s sentiments.

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