Hey Jonny

25 January 2011

I think this is my first subscription! I just received an email from WordPress, who hosts my blog.

“Someone just subscribed to your blog, Source to Nuts.”

If anyone else is subscribed, tell me. T, Kenny


One Response to “Hey Jonny”

  1. Well I had a chance to read it for the first time since there was profanity in the lead headline (admittedly a while back — but the profanity headline was the lead story for quite a while there 🙂 and I decided that it’s interesting enough to let it inundate my email inbox.

    Sooooo, inundate away! I look forward to some serious rants. But be forewarned: I have little tolerance for banalities. I have, in fact, unceremoniously unsubscribed from many a twitter feed, even those from some of my heroes. So keep being pithy and relevant! Or suffer the consequencesI Namely, the wrath of my left pinkie!

    (that’s the one I use to unsubscribe =^o)

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