Oh the tools I use…(Nuget)

2 February 2011

Today on request of a customer, I came up to speed on Nuget. What Nuget offers is 3rd party package management for your Visual Studio projects. While somewhat confusing at first once you get the concept, it is really easy to use.

I think we’re all using more and more 3rd party tools in place of custom code. Nuget makes updating your components very easy and controllable. It also has some searching capabilities which I didn’t try out yet. Maybe it will be a better way to find a library than googling.

NOTE: One problem I had initially was because I’m still on WinXP and it required that I install Power Shell to work.

If it was up to me, I would probably have tried out a different package manager called OpenWrap, but that’s for another day, another customer or another project. For now, I can definitely say that Nuget is worth the small learning curve.

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