The REAL Death Of The Music Industry

20 February 2011

Or the gory details of why the music industry just doesn’t get it and is living the past.

The REAL Death Of The Music Industry.


2 Responses to “The REAL Death Of The Music Industry”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    This is an excellent analysis, although even the author states that this is not about the Music Industry per se, but the Recorded Music Industry. Both the initial incorrect graph and the corrected one say essentially the same thing — that the industry is in Mortal Peril — which is “Theater for the Incredibly Obvious” for people affiliated with (or interested in) the music industry.

    What was interesting for me was learning (in the comments after the article) that music stars are now earning more of their income from touring than from album sales, and that indeed the latter is now used as a means to promote the former — where the opposite has traditionally been true for most of the history of the recording industry. Helps explain a number of phenomena, like the explosive growth of concert ticket prices in the past decade or two.

  2. sourcetonuts Says:

    Yeah, I had heard for awhile that the music industry is mostly making money from tours more than album sales. Hard work, but I guess it leaves only the ones that truly love it. I’ve seen more and more musicians going indie and starting there on marketing, sales, etc.. and completely skipping the indu$try machine.

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