IOS Emulation Engine

8 March 2011

With the success of Apple’s iPod, iPhone and now iPad, why don’t they have a emulation engine to run the same apps on the Mac? I had a Mac-fan-boy tell me that the iOS is based on OSX, but if it is, why don’t they have this capability? It doesn’t even seem to be part of the upcoming tame leopardd or whatever they are call the next OSX release which is bringing lots of IOS features to OSX. Sometimes, you just got to wonder. BTW: my perfect iP*** or other slate would have a LTE radio, wifi device tethering, color LCD one side and turn it over for a eInk display. I also think 9 inch is too big for a hand held device, so I would ike to see screen at 5 or 6 inches tops.

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