A Unifying Theory?

23 April 2011

Government as small as possible, but no smaller.
I’ve written  before about my Small is Bountiful concept and it’s time again.
I’m so sick and tired of the two party system we’re stuck with. Republicans who’s fascist approach to government by unilaterally closing down local government and denying workers their freedom to associate. Democrats, naive and ignorant, with the notion that no government handout can be misguided, ineffective or with more negative consequences than positive. Both are parties of x and spend. The Rs with attack and spend and the Ds with tax and spend. Now we’re lead by BO, who’s attack, tax, spend is a uglier comprise than either one of the two.  Stand with me and say something about how big smaller can be and start aligning with small political parties who align better with your world view. For me that’s small ‘l’ libertarian.  Kenny


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