Maybe the white supremacists have a point?

19 July 2011





No wonder they act like neanderthals…

Genetic research confirms that non-Africans are part Neanderthal.



2 Responses to “Maybe the white supremacists have a point?”

  1. Well, it certainly lends credence to many important theories about human evolution, such as the Waitresses’ song lyric, “Boys will do it with anything / They’ll even do it with sheep.” (This last line is admittedly a bit non-sequitur, but helpfully illustrative in this case nonetheless).

    Two questions:

    1. What does this finding say about non-Africans who are NOT white supremacists?

    2. Now: Can we get on with things and just all assume the worst here? I.e., that once the hopelessly racist Non-African segments of the population get over the fact that they’re related more closely to a race of hairy, dull, brutish, knuckle-dragging proto-people (who lacked even the collective sense not to go extinct) than the people they’ve tried so hard to vilify as inferior, that they will eventually come to view the Neanderthal haplotype in their X chromosomes as an actual *reason* for their superiority? It is, after all, beyond a slight difference in skin melanin levels, one of the precious few real distinguishing differences among the sub-groups that certain humans try so very hard to separate out.

    As Dr. Seuss might have put it, “Do I detect a subtle scent of putrefaction emanating from that star on your belly, Mr. Sneech?”

  2. sourcetonuts Says:

    I am currently working on my tan so that I look more human.

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