OSX doesn’t make it easy to change a wireless password

21 May 2012

Just works eh!?!?

Unless you want to change something I guess. This place I go for breakfast decided to change their wireless password since some neighboring businesses when jumping on their network.

Have you ever tried to change the WEP password on a Mac? Turns out that it’s not that easy.

If you delete the network and reboot, it still remembers that network. Probably because I’m storing it OSX’s Keychain, but… come on, I should still be able to change it. I should have to dig into the bowels of Keychain’s key-value-store. Well it took me much to long (10 minutes), but the only way I figured out how to do it was delete the Router and reenter it manually as-in type in its name, protocol and pasword manually character by character. Ugh!

Hope this helps someone else, Kenny

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