WPF Splash Screen

15 June 2012

Before today, somehow I never had to develop a WPF splash screen. yeah, I’ve inherited some and most of them were quite complex and nasty with background threads and such. So what did I do when I had to start one from scratch?

Well yeah, I googled ‘WPF Splash Screen’ and found this MSDN link near/at the top of the results.

Wow, what a lot of work and code I could have saved in the past! I can’t believe how easy it is to develop a simple WPF splash screen. Just in case that link breaks, here are the simple steps:
– Create or find an image that you want to use for the splash screen. You can use any image format that is supported by the Windows Imaging Component (WIC). For example, you can use the BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, or TIFF format.
– Add the image file to the WPF Application project.
– In Solution Explorer, select the image and its properties.
– Select SplashScreen from the Build Action drop-down list.
– Done, F5 run. Wow, that was easy!

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