When will we legalize?

22 June 2012

It’s past time to legalize pot. Seriously folks, we spend way to much time and ruin to many lives by it being illegal.  Treat it the same as alcohol, which will make it much tougher for kids to get it.

My understanding is in Portugal, where they’ve pretty much legalized even more drugs, they usage and problems have gone down. By removing the barriers we reduce the problem.

Seriously, let’s be smart and save serious tax money.

via Will Uruguay legalize marijuana?.


2 Responses to “When will we legalize?”

  1. I can tell you from experience (I just graduated high school) that far more kids use alchohol than drugs. Why? Alchohol is easy to get and drugs aren’t. Marijuana is probably the most common drug but its usage pales in comparison to alchohol.

  2. sourcetonuts Says:

    @DYNAMOpolitics, you’re certainly closer to the age than me!! I’m not talking about numbers, but access. Maybe that’s changed since I was a kid and Rome was built 😉 For me, it was easier to get access to drugs than liquor. Drugs was available in the underground economy that didn’t’ card us. By making them legal for adults, I dont think more kids would start taking drugs earlier. I do think adults should be free to enjoy ruin and choose how to live their lives as long as they don’t infringe on others.

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