Good points about Mitt Romney’s record

15 July 2012

From Peter Brombergs UnBlog Why Im Voting for Mitt Romney.

I’m not sure I can support a party that will vote in more big government social conservatives, but this article makes some good points about Mitt Romney himself. At his root, I believe he’s a pragmatic problem solver, through we’re not really seeing it in his rhetoric.

I don’t think Obama has shown or is a great leader. I also don’t think the Democrats are pushing any future that is based on much reality other than ‘it feels good to do this’. The hard part is the Republican rhetoric is just way over the top lame, lies and offensive. It makes finding a middle ground not very easy if not impossible.

I didn’t mind Romney as governor. He wasn’t the worst nor anything close to great. I don’t like that he’s running away from what he did for Obamneycare. Right or wrong, healthcare or the lack of will be our country’s downfall soon. I don’t think the current healthcare plan is going to cut the cost curve, but at least it has some provisions to rein some of the insurance companies most inhumane practices.

In the end, I don’t think things will improve in this country until the people, that We thing, stand up to the two parties and form at least another choice. Join me in saying ‘No’ to both parties and find someone else who matches your concerns or point of view.



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