To big to govern?

24 July 2012

Eurozone countries hit back at Moody’s –

We’ve all complained that the ratings agency were rigged and you wonder why? Yep, that TOO BIG thing.

It’s not only a number of companies that have become too big to fail. Our government has too. Here in the States, I’ve wondered if we would be better of moving to 50 countries rather a single united set of states. While it seems radical, I think it’s our best path forward through the deadlock and nonsense in DC. Certainly, our politics have become so divided, that nobody can please anyone or any significant majority.

The US senate is now hamstrung. Now? …. shit it’s been a while really. It now takes 60 senators to do nearly anything. When the Dims in power it only takes 40 Repubs to stop them . What is the percentage of people are required to elect 40 senators from 20 smallest states? It’s an amazingly small number of our population who control this deadlock. Some envelope calculations (source). If I didn’t make a mistake, the 20 or so smallest over-powered states are: Wyoming, West Virginia, Vermont, South Dakota, Rhode Island, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Montana, Maine, Idaho, Hawaii, Delaware, Alaska, Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, or so. These rural states with quite a bit less than 15% of the population have the power to control/stop ANY progress. Too small to stall? Nope.

Our upcoming election is about to be decided by voters in maybe 5 or so states. Worse it’s really going to be decided by which way a handful of counties in each of those states lean.

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