Can you fly the Flag?

12 August 2012

Ryan vs. Ayn R

It looks like our big party choices are going to be statists. The differences are more oblivious that usual, but in reality you going to chose what type of big government you want? They agree on their differences and frame everything in them whether or not the point matters to the subject at hand. We all know it’s not that easy, but they make seem like it’s easy.

Maybe I’m finding a box for them, but I’m noticing that Baby Boomer politicians are perhaps some of ugliest leaders time may have ever known with common characteristics. They:

  • are selfish and feel that everyone has to change to their point of view or should be dismissed…forever, on everything
  • use the language of hate and name calling to support placing everything and everybody in rigid boxes to organize them and simplify their binary thinking
  • frame issues with emotion rather than logic and shut down discussion with their rhetoric
  • find the box that something is categorized and they color new item with all the other toys they’ve already placed in the box
  • are rigid and they don’t listen to people of other point of views and shut down any true conversation

I’ve noticed this not only the public space and discussion, but also in my friends, family and colleagues. People don’t want to think and have a discussion, they want to categorize and judge.

Time for a revolution, vote no or against the big party statists.


4 Responses to “Can you fly the Flag?”

  1. George Says:

    I don’t like to talk politics with friends, family and colleagues. Not because I don’t like to think. I like to avoid the strong emotions. It’s hard to have simple conversations about certain topics so I don’t bother. Same with religious discussions.

  2. sourcetonuts Says:

    @George, if you can’t get emotional with those who you know well, then where can one?

  3. George Says:

    If the person I’m talking to gets very angry it gets less fun. I have a neighbor whom I like but am definitely not friends with. He does nothing but talk politics. And he’s very large and gets all worked up and his face turns red and it’s not as fun as talking about which neighbor is getting divorced or which kid has to repeat a year of school. So I tend to avoid him. Or I’ll chat and as soon as he starts foaming at the mouth I “realize” I’m late for something.

    BTW, I always seem to agree with his politics but it’s still no fun.

  4. sourcetonuts Says:

    @George, what you bring up is exactly what I’m talking about. You can’t have a discussion with anger, name calling and your either with me or against me.

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