Code or Pornography

5 September 2012

Coding Horror (Steve McConnell)

“It’s probably because our profession is to work with computers is what leads us to want to program human systems the same way that we program computers – despite the fact that they are so different.”

via RigorousAgile. A good comment stating how hard it is to map rigid processes to writing software.

Code is a battle, it’s ugly, it’s shittyit’s dirty grimy work that has to get down.

The only thing you have to do today, is procrastinate.

Code is a band-aid, the final thing added to the system, it has to address all of the bad design decisions, all of the bad things that happen and often take best guesses at the thoughts in the heads of millions of users. We often joke about how bad it can be, but it’s almost an impossible task to ‘do right’.

Agile is an answer that is throwing up it’s hands or just saying no to rigid process development for human processes. Does agile mean anything really? It’s just saying this is closer to reality of what can be achieved by a the endeavor of software development. It may be bad, but it’s better. Either way, we only know it when we see it.


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