Can the conversation at least start?

7 September 2012

SVS Animation 3975 – Shifting Distribution of Northern Hemisphere Summer Temperature Anomalies, 1951-2011.

Very visual data on the widening distribution (extreme weather) and shifting (hotter) climate change over the past 60 years. Firstly without agreeing on the cause, can we at least all agree that climate looks to be changing? Greenland and the Arctic’s summer melt this year is off the charts since back before the last ice age. It’s also a simple matter of physics that more CO2 and Methane in the atmosphere will cause rising temperatures.  Frozen methane in the Tundra is being released for the first time in Millennia. CO2 in the atmosphere is up, Methane up, both rising faster every year.

We don’t understand the ways the earth will react to these changes. If we get rising oceans, they are potentially cataclysmic and can force significant change in where we live and grow food.

Can we at least have honest conversations about climate change?


2 Responses to “Can the conversation at least start?”

  1. George Says:

    You aren’t going to change the minds of climate deniers but it doesn’t matter because most climate deniers *do* like: clean energy, wind energy, solar energy, energy independence. They also like not giving oil money to terrorist funding countries. They also want ‘merica to be at the forefront of solar technology and battery technology and so on. They also usually like the idea of investing in infrastructure, especially with so many jobless. They usually like efficiency (cheaper light bulbs and insulation). And they often like the idea of cars with better MPG. They usually don’t like cap and trade. I suspect there are fewer of them that are enthusiastic about electric cars also.

    But this seems like a good start!

    Other technologies that climate deniers should like that should help with reducing co2 emissions: cogeneration (a natural gas electricity generator whose waste heat is used to heat your house in the winter or your hot water in the summer) and geothermal (really just a heat pump with an open loop water well for consistent 50 degree water to pump the heat in and out of).

    So lets stop arguing with climate deniers (that’s what the oil companies have got us doing – wasting time arguing) and lets work towards energy independence.

  2. sourcetonuts Says:

    @George, I fully agree on energy independence as a great focus. I think natural gas provides an excellant way for the US to achieve that. I’ve written about this some before

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