A spending problem?!?!

13 February 2013

From the press reporting and the political banter one would think so.

The path of government spending

This link is to an interesting display of the path of government spending.

All of this DC bull really misses the point. Yes, we have some important cost containment problems, but they aren’t typically what’s discussed.

  • Changing social security spending to not go broke in the future, perhaps by means testing or raising the benefit age slightly over time
  • Cost management of medical services that’s rising faster than inflation, perhaps by providing coverage of all basic and a limited set medical services and letting people self-fund anything beyond that out of pocket or with supplemental insurance.
  • Downsize the scope of our military to protecting our borders and not the world as a whole. Time for the Euros and others to stand on their own lack of oil, since soon we’ll have our own in excess. I’m sure there are many other things that can be cut.
  • For more government savings, I propose that we put a small % of any savings up to $100K into the pocket of the government employee with the idea to save money on their job. Open the savings idea box now.

The only real problem is how to get the confidence back and invest in a growing economy. Now that’s a hard problem, but anyone in government needs to see that they’ve ‘created’ the angst. Get to work.



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