Thanks Mom

16 March 2013

After seeing her last night at hospice, I came to think of what she’s given me and what I’m lucky to have.


My Mom was proud. She did everything she put her mind to. If someone told her that she couldn’t do something; that made her try harder, achieve and accel at it. Everything she did, she did well or as best she could. She showed us how and didn’t brag about it. Doing it, enough said.


My Mom was always comfortable in her own clothes. She was the square peg that did fit into the round hole or the round hole had to change. She wasn’t afraid of being the one, the only one that did or supported something, somebody, … She broke new ground and made it seem expected, normal, right.


My Mom was traditional. She taught us about heritage and the things that tied us to our past. We understood where we came from and the little things that made us a little different, those things make us each unique. Other peoples traditions, they could become ours too. Pick up the little stones in life and make them home.


Being helpful to others is something my Mom did. Empathy, helping out and being there when someone, anyone needed something. Going beyond what you need today and giving time to someone else. Dropping everything that you are doing to help and assist. Other stuff can wait.


Treating everyone the same unconditionally. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what you have or if you have anything. There was no hierarchy for my Mom. The bottom and the top are the same and we share it all.
I love you Mom and thanks!

One Response to “Thanks Mom”

  1. […] a good read on dying that perhaps something we’re missing as a society.  I’ll miss my mom, but I’m so thankful for her stay at hospice and the wonderful people […]

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