Mobile App – Findamatic

17 October 2014

We are releasing a new mobile app, Findamatic, on 5 platforms!

  • Apple
    • iPhones
    • iPads
  • Android
    • Phones
    • Tablets
    • Wear (watch)
    • Glass (Google eyeglasses)
  • Windows Phone

All of the code is written in C# and Xamarin and over 95% is common between the Phone and Tablet platforms. Google Wear and Glass are different due to the platforms being very different. This is a simple app much like but different from Magic Ate Ball we did for Android.

Currently only the Windows Phone is available on the store, but the others are on the way with approvals, beta process etc.. For the 2 of you that have a Windows phone you can try the app here. Contract me if you want to beta one of them.

With mobile getting the code working is only a small part of the problem. Xamarin is pretty good at cross platform, but interacting with the stores is a lot of work and takes persistence.

More news soon. We hope to have other apps online shortly and we have some customer non-store apps as well.


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