Apple approval of Findamatic

23 October 2014

As I mentioned in my previous post, we have an app Findamatic that we have developed forthe  5 of the major mobile platforms: Apple, Android, Microsoft, Google Wear and Glass. We are in the process of getting it through store approval for each platform. So far we have it in Windows Phone Store and now the Apple App Store.

What is interesting from a technology point of view is that Findamatic for phone and tablet is over 95% common code with only minor features abstracted with custom code for each OS. We now have the ability and experience is to bring your application and ideas to market and to be able to deliver that to many platforms with a single development effort. Call us.

For iPhone and other iOS users, please try it by downloading it from the store, like it, tell others how we can bring their apps to the market or enterprise. We have a few other apps in progress and several in use inside operations within our customer’s operations.


Findamatic on iOS


Download it using a QR code



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