Depends on the meaning of the data

29 November 2014

Finally, a reasonable article on Net

I think we can all agree that eventually all communication will eventually go over the internet or whatever it becomes. Should that all traffic or data be equal?

Do you want emergency 911 calls routed with the same priority as gootube cat videos? Do we want to stop all innovation? Can we afford to not develop flexible strategies? Ones that we can’t imagine now. Can the government actually decide what works best for the internet?

Big corporations are on both sides of the debate.

Do the companies that are using large bandwidth: Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, etc…, get it for free? Should they pay more for volume? Those companies win if the for argument wins.

Or the ISPs who are building the expensive gigabit last mile: Comcast, Verizon, etc.. Should we not let them compete for services that work better? Or do we want dumb pipes that don’t prioritize? That’s the against side.

I think we want the freedom of innovation and the principal of openness. I don’t think it can be legislated.

One Response to “Depends on the meaning of the data”

  1. George Roberts Says:

    The paying customers should be able to decide. If I’m paying comcast/verizon for internet service, I obviously want 911 calls to have higher priority but I don’t want them artificially lowering speeds of netflix during negotiation talks. I’m paying for the damn service. In other words, I’m the damn customer. I should be able to prioritize.

    So legislate that: absolutely no prioritization of traffic unless the majority of customers agree. Or only prioritize for the customers who want that. And there should be an “option” which is like a vote which customers can change as often as they want (I changed my mind – I don’t want 911 calls to have higher priority anymore).

    You can’t block viruses unless customers say it’s okay.

    You can’t insert advertisements into packets/web pages unless paying customers opt in.

    You can’t speed up/slow down traffic unless customers opt in.

    Or legislate this maybe? “You are not allowed to take in any money from people who you aren’t using your service directly”. In other words they can’t change netflix unless netflix requests a connection into an ISP.

    I’m sure there’s a way to legislate it if smart people think about it for a while. Unfortunately bills are written by smart people but usually not smart enough.

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