23 November 2015

I came upon a site via a blog I follow. So I decide to add my own page to that list My plan is to keep that up to date, especially as I travel.

Finally, a reasonable article on Net

I think we can all agree that eventually all communication will eventually go over the internet or whatever it becomes. Should that all traffic or data be equal?

Do you want emergency 911 calls routed with the same priority as gootube cat videos? Do we want to stop all innovation? Can we afford to not develop flexible strategies? Ones that we can’t imagine now. Can the government actually decide what works best for the internet?

Big corporations are on both sides of the debate.

Do the companies that are using large bandwidth: Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, etc…, get it for free? Should they pay more for volume? Those companies win if the for argument wins.

Or the ISPs who are building the expensive gigabit last mile: Comcast, Verizon, etc.. Should we not let them compete for services that work better? Or do we want dumb pipes that don’t prioritize? That’s the against side.

I think we want the freedom of innovation and the principal of openness. I don’t think it can be legislated.

Is your industry next? 

Usual good stuff from Seth Godin.


One in every car

4 November 2014

In a few years, there will be a wireless hotspot for every 4 people in the Europe and Asia will probably be out front of that with ever more.

WiFi barely works sometimes, but we can hardly live without it. Does an Internet of Things that partially work…work? We just bought some of these $5 qty1 programmable WiFi devices, think about what’s possible and we’ll build them for you. Let’s find out!

We now have Findamatic in the Apple, Google and Microsoft app stores. This app is comprised of >95% common code. We have more apps coming and we can develop an app specific to your enterprise or app store requirements.

Lately, I’ve been describing Findamatic as taking the “do” out of the app. What I mean is that, it’s useful without doing anything. Simply start the app and it picks a time of day appropriate choice of where to go for Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee, Dinner and Cocktails based you your minimum rating and maximum distance to travel. We hope to power many of our app designs with a tongue in check  “do nothing” features based on what we know about your context

While pretty similar apps, we now have 2 published Android apps and a store presence 😉

Findamatic is also coming soon to wearables in the form of Google Glass and Wear initially.

As I mentioned in my previous post, we have an app Findamatic that we have developed forthe  5 of the major mobile platforms: Apple, Android, Microsoft, Google Wear and Glass. We are in the process of getting it through store approval for each platform. So far we have it in Windows Phone Store and now the Apple App Store.

What is interesting from a technology point of view is that Findamatic for phone and tablet is over 95% common code with only minor features abstracted with custom code for each OS. We now have the ability and experience is to bring your application and ideas to market and to be able to deliver that to many platforms with a single development effort. Call us.

For iPhone and other iOS users, please try it by downloading it from the store, like it, tell others how we can bring their apps to the market or enterprise. We have a few other apps in progress and several in use inside operations within our customer’s operations.


Findamatic on iOS


Download it using a QR code


Mobile App – Findamatic

17 October 2014

We are releasing a new mobile app, Findamatic, on 5 platforms!

  • Apple
    • iPhones
    • iPads
  • Android
    • Phones
    • Tablets
    • Wear (watch)
    • Glass (Google eyeglasses)
  • Windows Phone

All of the code is written in C# and Xamarin and over 95% is common between the Phone and Tablet platforms. Google Wear and Glass are different due to the platforms being very different. This is a simple app much like but different from Magic Ate Ball we did for Android.

Currently only the Windows Phone is available on the store, but the others are on the way with approvals, beta process etc.. For the 2 of you that have a Windows phone you can try the app here. Contract me if you want to beta one of them.

With mobile getting the code working is only a small part of the problem. Xamarin is pretty good at cross platform, but interacting with the stores is a lot of work and takes persistence.

More news soon. We hope to have other apps online shortly and we have some customer non-store apps as well.


About My Daughter

7 October 2014

Xenja’s blogging for her class @ About Me.

Scary threat from within

2 October 2014

This government intrusion on us has to stop. Kenny

I’ve always told people I do my best thinking in my sleep, sometimes toward my work as I’ve blogged.

Sleeping == Create

Sleeping == Create

Turns out there’s a book backing this up notion called Becoming a Writer (amazon), that talks about a technique of waking yourself 30 minutes before your normal wake cycle and just write and ideas flow on those delta waves.

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