Where do I go to lunch?

Findamatic is a new cross platform mobile application that is a rework of our Magik Ate Ball and developed to run on Windows, Apple and Google devices. findamatic

Finamatic solves that where is a ____ with voice entered keywords you can find any type of business with Yelp presence near by. It’s takes the choice out of the situation and picks a random pick that meets our distance and rating thresholds.

It’s quick and easy powered by Yelp and provides links to call, get directions or the full review.Have fun and thanks for trying!

Taking the decision out of where to eat!

Currently available on:

  • Windows Phone
  • Apple App Store (coming soon)
  • Android Play Store (coming soon for Glass, Wear, Phones and Tablets)

It’s published and in beta on most of the platforms. If you want to try it, please contact me.

Contact us to develop an app for your company or idea.

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  1. […] I mentioned in my previous post, we have an app Findamatic that we have developed forthe  5 of the major mobile platforms: […]

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