As of June 2015, my daughters are off to college and their adult lives. My dad is really happy and making friends in his retirement home after getting him setup for the last two years in Long Beach, California.

I’ve decided to live as a vagabond, work remotely and travel to places, most or many that I’ve never been. Here’s some #bwfun pictures I started collecting on Facebook.

Current places @ the top and the history going down.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

It’s the start of Summer 2018 and I’m headed “home” to Ochi. I’m still not a legal resident in Jamaica, but home none the less. I had previously built a one room “little house” there, but recently I’ve added on a kitchen, sitting room, balcony, veranda and an office. Not really a little house any more! 🙂


Hollywood Beach, Florida

Took a job onsite in Florida for awhile. I’ll be living and around here, this shot is 1/2 block from my place when I write this.

Pimento Walk, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Back for summer and again no luck with residence.

Visits to Miami, LA and Boston

Again I had to leave Jamaica without getting residence established. Travelled to see family and friends for April, May and June.

Pimento Walk, Ocho Rios, Jamaica

For early 2017, I was working remote and living in my house I built in Jamaica.

Miami, Florida

I couldn’t get permanent residence in Jamaica and I went back to Miami to work on in Sept 2016 and stayed through the end of the year.

Discovery Bay Jamaica

I’ve come back here because I like it. I’m still going to travel, but I’m making it my base going forward. Getting back here included stops in Dublin, Boston and Miami.

Barcelona Spain from Xmas through January


Costa de Caparica and Lisbon from November 2015 till Xmas


Some short visits to friends in Boston, Berlin and Venice


Jamaica from August 2015 through most of October


Miami from February 2015 to mid-August


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