Findamatic in the Google Play Store

3 November 2014

We now have Findamatic in the Apple, Google and Microsoft app stores. This app is comprised of >95% common code. We have more apps coming and we can develop an app specific to your enterprise or app store requirements.

Lately, I’ve been describing Findamatic as taking the “do” out of the app. What I mean is that, it’s useful without doing anything. Simply start the app and it picks a time of day appropriate choice of where to go for Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee, Dinner and Cocktails based you your minimum rating and maximum distance to travel. We hope to power many of our app designs with a tongue in check  “do nothing” features based on what we know about your context

While pretty similar apps, we now have 2 published Android apps and a store presence 😉

Findamatic is also coming soon to wearables in the form of Google Glass and Wear initially.

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